Ciaté Mini Mani Month – Dallas Dolly Sequins

I got a pot of sequins on day 19. It was another first for me as I’ve never tried a loose sequin mani like this before. I have used sequins and painstakingly positioned each one with a dotting tool but never just showered my nails in sequins! It was fun to do and no messier than a caviar mani. The colours in Dallas Dolly are perfect for Christmas with red and green hex glitters and little pearly/holo bar glitters. The kids in my classes loved them for the last day of term and thought I’d done them specially for Christmas. I topcoated them when I finished as most blogs had advised doing this and said that sequin manis are quite long lasting. I can’t say I really tested the durability but 24 hours after I’d applied them they still looked perfect.
I’m not sure it’s a look I’d go for very often – although I did go totally over the top by doing it on every nail – it might be more wearable as an accent nail!



  1. I dunno, not a fan of this one. It looks like you let a small child play with glitter on your nails. For some reasons the colors just don’t do it for me! Also, how have they NOT given you a green yet? These are for christmas!!

    1. They kind of grew on me. When I first got the glitter on I just thought it was messy but I started to like them more and more. Sadly no green (unless you count the khaki). My biggest criticism of this calendar is the lack of variety in colours – so many pinks and reds but not that many other colours. 😦

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