Ciaté Mini Mani Month – Members Only

When I opened the door of my advent calendar on December 17th I was a little puzzled. Have they given me two of the same polish? Surely this is a mistake! The polish looked almost identical to Ivory Queen which I had opened just a few days before. On closer inspection I noticed the polishes did look subtly different in the bootle and this polish, Members Only, was similar but not the same as Ivory Queen. Once I opened the bottle I also saw the big difference. Ivory Queen in a creme and Members Only is a very sheer polish. Due to its sheer formula it needed quite a few coats. I’d say three as an absolute minimum but I used five for the picture you can see here. With all the little flecks of gold and red in it, it came out looking quite different to Ivory Queen once it was on the nail.
I like the result and it’s a pretty, subtle colour that would be nice for the right occassion. Five coats is a lot though and I’m not sure I’d often have the patience to wait for all those coats to dry! I don’t own a lot of sheer polishes and should probably experiment more with them and try layering this shade over other colours.


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