Ciaté Mini Mani Month – Pillow Fight

I was pretty excited when I opened the door to see this behind day 10 of the calendar. For one, it wasn’t pink (!) and secondly I am rather fond of a nice grey polish but it’s not a colour I own many different shades of.
The application was much smoother than the other polishes (2 coats in the photo) and I loved the slight hint of purple in the grey which made it a very flattering shade for my skin tone. It’s a lovely polish which I’m looking forward to getting lots of wear out of. A great addition to my small collection of greys.

I don’t think I mentioned before but behind each door on the advent calendar there are also little messages – quotations etc and behind Tuesday’s door there was a message that just felt so appropriate “On a bad day there’s always nail polish”. It was the end of a 4 day weekend, I was going back to work with a bit of a cold, had assignments to hand in for a training course I’d been doing and reports to write. My little bottle of Pillow Fight polish certainly made my bad day seem a bit better!


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