33DC: Featuring My 3 Favourite Polishes

Oops! I forgot to post the last three days of the 33DC! Here’s day 31 of the challenge. Choosing my favourite polish is easy as I do have one all time favourite – Tristam by A England. choosing the other two was not so easy but I finally went with Where’s My Chauffeur? – Essie and The Last Trial by Anny. These are two polishes I’ve used over and over and always love, on their own and in nail art.

Unfortunately I don’t think my design does any of these polishes justice as it was done in a bit of a rush. The three colours together made me think of the northern lights – Tristam has always made my think of the night sky and the other two polishes reminded me of the colours I’ve seen in the photos of the northern lights I’ve been looking at (and will hopefully see in 3 weeks time on my wedding day!) I wanted to do streaks of colour in the night sky but it didn’t quite work out and looks a bit messy.

Still – three beautiful polishes which I love having on my nails.


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