Ciaté Mini Mani Month – Main Stage and Midnight in Manhattan Caviar Pearls

Another pink polish for day 7 of the calendar – it seems strange that I’ve had almost all pinks so far – I’m sure I remember seeing a wider range of colours on the back of the box when I looked (I have the calendar up against a wall precisely so I don’t look and spoil the surprise!) Not to complain – I love pinks and this one is my favourite shade of pink so far…
I had problems with the application again – it dried so quickly that when I put a second stroke on the nail (the brush isn’t wide enough to coat my nail in one stroke) it dragged a bit. With a topcoat over two coats of polish it looked great though and I can definitely see this polish getting lots of outings.


The next day was more caviar beads which I put over Main Stage. Midnight in Manhattan is a really nice mix of pearls with black, silver and shimmery translucent pink and blue pearls. I thought they looked really good over the dark pink and this time I didn’t use a topcoat. (Not sure why the pink looks less vibrant here – they were both taken in natural sunlight and the top photo is probably a more accurate one for colour)


The first time I washed my hands I lost half the beads and my nails didn’t look so pretty anymore. 😦 So I decided to topcoat what was left on one of the nails and leave the other nail topcoat free and see what happened. The topcoated nail looked marginally less pretty but lasted the rest of the day. The topcoat free nail lost all its pearls by lunchtime.

You can see a close-up with topcoat here. Yes, it looks a little less pretty and you can see that all the beads are stuck together, but it think it’s worth it if you want to actually wear these pearls (and be a nice clean human being and wash your hands!)



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