Ciaté Mini Mani Month – Silver Caviar Metallic Pearls

I bought the calendar for the polish really but I knew there would also be some caviar pearls and glitter bottles in there. December 4th had the first of the caviar pearls in silver. I’m not much of an expert on caviar pearls having only used them a couple of times before but here are my thoughts on them…

I decided to try these over a black base and a white base on my thumb and accent nail to see how different they look over each. Initially I preferred them over white as the gaps between the pearls were not so noticeable at first but later on as the odd pearl started to fall off here and there I realised it was actually much more noticeable in the white where there were clear holes as apposed to the black where it didn’t look particularly strange. The black also makes the silver pearls look shinier and more contrasting.

A funnel is provided with the advent calendar but no tray to catch the excess pearls in so I used a little Tupperware box – it did take some practise to get used to using the funnel to pour the pearls over the nail but I started to get the hang of it towards the end and had less clearing up to do!

In the information leaflet which comes with the kit it says a top coat is not required. Now I have mixed feeling about this. I like the idea of caviar pearls but have never really been sure about how practical they are and using a topcoat makes me feel like they might just last long enough to get you through a party/event/day etc. Without a topcoat I feel you are doomed to have pearls falling off all day long until you have bare pit-marked nails.

The picture you see here has no topcoat but I did topcoat them after taking the photo just to see what would happen. A few pearls seemed to dissolve and left weird silver pits in the base polish but the rest looked fine and with these silver pearls I would definitely use a topcoat if you plan on wearing these for any length of time. I have used coloured Ciaté caviar pearls before which lost their colour after being top coated – I’ll report more on that once the next lot of caviar pearls come out of the calendar (presuming they’re coloured ones)


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