Something Blue… Picture Polish – Sky

Next up for my potential wedding nails was Sky by Picture Polish. I wasn’t sure about this one as the bottle looked like quite a bright blue and not pale enough but I’d seen swatches which made it look much paler. I’d also seen swatches which made it look like quite a strong blue so I thought I ought to test it out for myself.

It has a very nice formula and applied easily and evenly needing only two coats. It also had a beautiful shiny finish without a topcoat and dried pretty quickly. However I’m not sure the colour is what I’m looking for. It’s slightly on the greenish side of blue rather than the pinkish side and I don’t think it’s that flattering to my skin tone. It was pretty cold when I took the photos for this and you can see my hands looking a bit pinker than normal which looks a bit strange against this blue. If my hands look like that when it’s well above freezing in Spain can you imagine what they’ll be like on my wedding day when it may get down as low as -25C!?!

I will of course wait to do a final comparison before deciding which blue to choose but I don’t think it’s going to be this one.



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