Ciaté Mini Mani Month: Snowglobe

At the end of a hard day’s shopping for a wedding suit for my fiancé I happened to spot the Ciaté Mini Mani Month advent calendar in the beauty section of the department store and felt I deserved a reward after the long day we’d had. It seemed a bit extravagant and when the girl at the checkout asked if it was a gift I had to admit it was a gift to myself, but I haven’t had an advent calendar in years so why not!?!


So on December 1st I was excited to open my first door and find my first ever flakie glitter: Snowglobe. I already had a blue polish on my nails from swatching for my wedding nails and thought this might look perfect over an icy blue. I loved the holographic flakes but found it a bit difficult to apply and couldn’t get the clear base to go on smoothly. I didn’t put a topcoat on over it but maybe this would have helped make it look a bit smoother and nicer.

Here it is with one coat over Sky by Picture Polish:


And with a second coat:


Sorry if my fingers look a bit of a funny colour – a combination of taking the photos outside and being a bit chilly and the pictures being taking at around sunset so the lighting being different from usual.

I quite like this polish but would need to work keeping it smoother if I used it in future. Looking forward to the rest of the advent calendar!


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