33DC: Europe

Here’s another reason I fell behind in the challenge – this one was a bit of a disaster and I had zero motivation to post about it.
I couldn’t think of anything which shouted Europe to me – only ideas for specific bits of Europe but in the end thought of our currency and decided to use euro banknotes as inspiration.

It didn’t turn out as I’d hoped and I literally took a photo and wiped these off my nails. I should have gone with my boyfriend’s suggestion of taking inspiration from Europe, the long haired rockers of “Final Countdown” fame – it would have been a far more entertaining mani.

Anyway, enough negativity, here’s the pic…


I used: Blue Collar – Orly, L’Orange – Catrice, Pearly Peacock – Kiko, Richmond Terrace – Nails Inc, Hook Up – Orly, Great Tichfield Street – Nails Inc, You Don’t Know Jacques – OPI


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