33DC: Based On a Pattern in My Wardrobe

Oh dear, I’ve got soooo behind on my posts. I have to blame it on this mani – I was really pleased with how it turned out but the photos just didn’t come out right – the light was all wrong and you couldn’t see the pattern well. My lovely boyfriend spent ages adjusting all the setting in Lightroom trying to get the light to look right and he did a great job of saving the photo but it still looks a bit streaky and with some odd reflections – anyway not having the photo ready to post kind of threw me out of the rhythm of posting and here I am over a week late… Expect a rush of posts over the next day or two!

Anyway – this mani was based on a pattern on a winter scarf which I recently got out of my winter clothes boxes – it’s still not cold enough for it here – we’re still hitting 27C during the day although the evenings are starting to feel a bit chilly so I’m sure my winter clothes will be needed very soon.

I enjoyed doing the fine pattern on this mani and free handing patterns is a skill I always enjoy improving.


I used: Lady in Black – OPI, 2007 – Bourjois, Miss Grey- GOSH


  1. Your design is really well executed, really precise looking – must have taken ages to paint! Taking photos of nail varnish it one of the worst things ever ae. I always end up with highlights on the most important bits or the glitter doesn’t show up as glitter just dirty, black dots and so on etc, etc. Anyway, it’s fun really! (Isn’t it?…)

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