Around the World Challenge: 7 – Paris

I love Paris, it’s a beautiful city that I’ve visited countless times and even spent a month there one summer doing a training course. But I just couldn’t think of what to do for this day of the challenge. I ended up spending ages browsing for pictures that inspired me and when I couldn’t find anything that really screamed Paris to me, I gave up and decided to go with some cute illustrated Parisian women, an Eiffel Tower and a poodle! (Google images threw up a lot of Parisian ladies out walking their poodles by the Eiffel Tower when I searched for illustration and Paris)

It was a fun one to do and tested my freehand painting skills. I enjoyed doing the cute little faces and I think the poodle silhouette came out looking very much like a poodle!

I’m really enjoying this challenge so far (especially now we’re onto the European cities!) and am pleased with a lot of the designs I’ve come up with. A big thank you to Guilty as Charged for organising such a fun theme.



I used: Don’t Pretzel my Buttons – OPI, Warwick Avenue – Nails Inc, Revlon Red – Revlon, Matt Aqua – BYS, Brazilian Bikini – Sephora, black and white acrylic paint.


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