April 30 Day Challenge Day 23: Caviar

This was the first time I’d ever tried doing caviar nails. I’ve always been a bit wary of the practicality of sticking things to my nails and don’t do it very often!

I was given a caviar set as a gift and thought it was the perfect time to give it a try. I liked the look and even quite liked the feel, but also found it frustrating. The little beads looked great right after I did them but when I washed my hands I noticed that some of the colour had started to fade in the beads. So I went back and top-coated them which made the colour fade even worse than just washing them! So I only top-coated one hand. The beads stayed put on the hand with top-coat for the full 24 hours I wore this mani but the non-top coated hand was almost devoid of beads by the time I got the polish remover out. So I felt it was a choice between bright colours, longevity and clean hands!!! I guess other colours/brands of beads might not fade so much either with top coat or water – what are other people’s experiences of this?

I can only imagine wearing this for a special evening and one where I would have to avoid washing my hands at all costs!

Luckily I had a feeling it might not be the most durable mani ever and got them photographed the moment I finished them!


I used Knickerbockerglory – Ciaté, Candyshop (pearls) – Ciaté.


  1. Interesting your beads faded…I used a different color scheme of beads from Ciate and they didn’t bleed for me.

      1. I had them on for about 3 days..I even showered with them and shampooed my hair! I didn’t experience really any bleeding, just some beads falling out here and there.

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