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Just claiming my blog on Bloglovin!

Also, I’m off on a camping trip for the Easter break, so I won’t be posting over the next week and will be back with short nails (the length they are right now is totally impractical for camping…) after semana santa.

I reached 50 followers today which is a huge milestone for me, and I can go off on my holiday in the sun with a smile on my face! Thanks for following!


  1. I think I have a bloglovin acct, but it’s starting to get confusing for me. Every non-wordpress blog I view has a different acct to login with to follow it. Many of them try to link to google and I’m not sure which accounts I have anymore! LOL
    Does bloglovin help you follow blogs from multiple platforms?

    1. I think it does. That’s my main reason for using it, I find that I end up only reading WordPress blogs and missing out on blogs I like on other platforms because I forget to go sign in and check on them. So I started looking for a solution to that problem and everyone seemed to have good things to say about bloglovin. I’ve only been using it for about a week but works well so far!

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