Glitter tips

After trying the textured nail polishes which looked like glitter (but are waaaay easier to remove) I realised I hadn’t done anything glitter for a while.

I decided to try a kind of glitter tips/glitter gradient with three different glitter polishes and a nice pale pink base. I was hoping it would look bright and spring-like, but I wasn’t all that happy with it in the end.

After the pink base I started with a thin layer of fine silver glitter which I painted long streaks with, then layered a thicker coat of a pink/purple blue over it and finished off with a chunky blue glitter.

Somehow, the multicoloured glitter didn’t look as nice as I’d hoped it would and it really depended on the light. Sometimes it looked beautiful (mainly in direct sunlight) but more often it just looked a bit dirty…

Maybe I’ll try this design again and choose different colours to do it with, but it’s not one I’ll be rushing to do.


I used: Elizabeth Street – Nails Inc, Electric Avenue – Nails Inc, Shepherd Street – Nails Inc, Out of the Blue – BYS.

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