Chinese New Year

Happy year of the snake! This week is a great one for themed manicures with carnaval, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day all coming at once!

I love the lion dance in Chinese New Year celebrations and immediately knew I wanted a lion dance on my nails but also knew that given the very elaborately decorated costume it involves this wouldn’t be easy.

Luckily I had little else to do on my Sunday afternoon (or I had plenty of other things to do but decided nail art was more fun than cleaning or planning lessons…) and I spent a loooong time doing this manicure.

As well as my lion dance I also included some fire-crackers and a snake on my thumb. I even attempted writing the Chinese character for snake next to it under the careful guidance of my boyfriend, although it’s not very visible in the photos here.



I used a ton of colours for this: (background colours) Hellbent – Urban Decay, Hampstead Gardens – Nails Inc. (details) Sumner Place – Nails Inc, Yellow – Sweets Sweet, The Boltons – Nails Inc, St James – Nails Inc, Psychedelic Orange – Rimmel, Fringe – Urban Decay, Chelsea Embankment – Nails Inc, Floral Street – Nails Inc, Black – Decorative Nail.


  1. I tried painting chinese new year themed nails but it looked SO horrible! This is the best I have seen! Lovely work. And happy chinese new year too! 😉

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