Day 7 Pre-Spring Challenge: Pastel (taped)

When I saw the theme for day 7 was pastels I had lots of ideas of what I wanted to do. Then I saw it was also meant to be a taped manicure and all my good ideas disappeared… I’m not particularly skilled with tape and as I had gone away for the weekend and had limited time and resources I wanted to keep it pretty simple. I’d seen these kind of patchwork nails done by several people, and followed this tutorial on Chloe’s Nails which looked very striking.

I sponged my colours over the top instead of painting them to try and get a more delicate pastel finish but it was maybe too subtle. Then I added glitter which was a mistake as it made it look too busy.

I didn’t have time to redo it though, so this is my not particularly impressive contribution to day 7 of the pre-spring challenge. Never mind, there are still 7 more days to do better!


I used: Warwick Avenue – Nails Inc, Sumner Place – Nails Inc, Dreamer – Revlon, Sweets Way – Nails Inc.

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