The more awake bright psychedelic orange!

Or at least that’s what google translate says is the name of the rimmel nail polish I have from Japan…

I returned to my grey polish but thought this time I would brighten things up with some bright orange dots and an accent nail with the colours reversed.

It was a simple but fun and effective manicure which I was very happy with. I always feel pleased when I manage to create something nice using only the dotting tool – it gives me hope that even beginners can create beautiful nail art!

Before writing this post I thought it was time I found out the name of the orange I used. It was one I got in japan but it was Rimmel so I thought i’d just be able to put the number in and find out the name in English. Turns out there’s no “speedy finish” collection outside Japan, so I had to look it up on the Japanese Rimmel site. I worked out the part in katakana (Japanese ‘alphabet’) which says psychedelic orange, but needed some help from google translate for the string of kanji at the beginning. It came out as: the more awake bright psychedelic orange. (or
目が覚めるほど 鮮やかなサイケデリックオレンジ if you can read Japanese)

So… I used: Miss Grey – Gosh, The more awake bright psychedelic orange – Rimmel (Japan)


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