Blue and Pink

I wanted to try something simple but striking this time and have some more practice with my new found friend, the dotting tool.  I’d seen a few designs like this one, for example this youtube video Everyday Nails did a very similar design, but I wanted something a bit bolder, so I chose some bright colours.

I was pretty pleased with the way they turned out and I received so many compliments on them at work.  A couple of people even asked which salon I’d got them done at which was a huge ego boost especially considering they were only my second attempt at nail art!  It’ll certainly keep me going with nail art if I get so much attention!

I’ve always been a believer that simple can be effective and these were super easy to do.  The dots were a great way of hiding lines that weren’ t as precise as I’d have liked them to be, and I must remember this trick for other designs.  I’m starting to see that the dotting tool can be quite versatile and I keep thinking of new things I want to try.

I did learn that I need to be a bit more patient when waiting for layers to dry, as one or two of my black dots were obviously not totally dry when I applied the top coat as they smudged a little leaving tiny streaks, not noticeable from a distance, but certainly a mistake I need to avoid in future.

They were by no means perfect, but for me they were a great success!

Colours I used:

Matte Aqua – BYS, Baby pink – Sweet Closet (Japanese brand), Black – Decorative Nails (Japanese brand)

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